Team Portal – Announcements

Keep everyone informed about what happens at the hospital by using the announcements section. It can be setup in a way that all registered staff members receive an email notifying them that a new announcement has been posted. You can leave the announcements for future references.


Hospital Emergency Protocols

On this page you would list any approved emergency protocols.  Bitten by a cat?  Here is what to do.  Flood?  Same.  Boarding problem?  No worries,

Now offering 401K

Download the 401K Form   Our account is up and running!  Be sure to sign up, it’s easy.  Here’s why to join: It’s painless. We

Our Groomer is leaving in August

Goodbye Scooby Doo, dog groomer extraordinare!  Welcome Jess Rona, dog groomer to Katy Perry and the Stars!  Can’t wait to meet some of her famous

Building Maintenance Contacts

Police: 123-123-4321 Alarm System: 1-800-hey-1234 Air Conditioning/ Heat: 800-123-1232 Appliance: John Carmichael – 878-987-6325 Electrical: Judy Garland – 321-321-9845 Janitorial: 333-123-3212  

Employee Phone List

Police: 911 CVS: 456-456-3737 Stop & Shop: 800-333-4444 Vets 1 Choice: 888-280-2121 Animal Health Practice: 800-232-6565 ASPCA: 900-888-7877 Extensions: 233 – John Black 234 –

New Covid-19 Protocols

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