E-commerce Sites

A Cheshire branded eCommerce website (or an eCommerce section on your existing website) allows you to introduce and sell your products and services (i.e., a CE course) to your customers easily and safely.  An effective eCommerce website should also enlarge your customer base. 

A Cheshire Partners eCommerce website includes:

  • Custom design based upon your brand and your identified target market
  • Built with mobile in mind—fast and user friendly
  • Fast mobile speed
  • Highly secure checkout
  • Take credit cards with ease
    • Use advanced payment options, including PayPal, Stripe, Square,
    • Use existing bank account, new bank account or other forms of online processing
  • Custom graphics, photos
  • Product inventory setup and custom product descriptions
  • Keep your e-commerce site light
  • Optimized for search
  • Website automation:
    • Member signup easy—they do it themselves
    • Once approved, they enter order and credit card
    • Website processes credit card
    • Easy export of orders for shipping department
    • Can set up 30/60/90 day auto shipping
    • Can perform email marketing with link to signup form to potential members
  • Members only section:
    • Registration, login and thank you pages and automatic emails
    • Potential members fill out form, upload sales tax exemption doc
    • Approval can be manual or automatic
    • Can include gated content
  • Sell on multiple sales channels, such as Facebook
  • Manage your online eCommerce activities from one integrated dashboard
  • CE Event Booking
  • Online payment portals for in-hospital services